Chris Meade, PhD

Dr. Christopher P. Meade brings more than 25 years of entrepreneurship, business ownership, management, and leadership experience to his role as President at Leadership Alive, Inc.,® a leader-building organization. Christopher holds a PhD in Adult & Organizational Learning with a concentration in Leadership. He is an author and has published five books. A former business school dean and award-winning MBA instructor, Christopher has coached and trained over 10,000+ leaders and led and facilitated team trainings for 500+ teams and organizations.

IIBHN 2021 Presentation(s):

July 8, 2021, 8:30-10:00 (MDT), Boise Centre, Room 400BC

IIBHN Series 2 Kick Off!

Team Accelerators

Creating Force Multipliers in High-Performance Teams

We are living in a time where human energy is waning like never before and in need of resuscitation. This energy drain has found its way into every area of work and team life. Winning teams need moxie to win. They need steam behind what they do to get things done. But not all power is the same. There is a difference between merely adding horsepower and generating force-power. Horsepower is individual units of energy that generate power to complete a task. Think adding. Force-power is creating energy exponentially. Think multiplying and then squaring. Force-power catalyzes team efforts and supersizes their outputs and outcomes more than horsepower can do on its own. In this keynote presentation, Dr. Christopher P. Meade explores the force-multipliers that accelerate team effectiveness and how to cultivate them in your life and team.

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