Connie Sherrard, MSW

Connie holds a BA in Studio Art and certification in Elementary Education from Beloit College and a Master of Social Work with an emphasis in Planning, Administration and Management from Portland State University. At NEON, Connie develops and delivers trainings on a variety of topics for Community Workers and other front-line staff in health, behavioral health and other organizations addressing health equity and social determinants of health. Connie has worked in a variety of settings dedicated to serving vulnerable populations, including Community Action Organization in Washington County, Oregon, the Vancouver (Washington) Housing Authority, and the Vancouver (Washington) School District. Connie also spent two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador

IIBHN 2021 Presentation(s)

May 7, 2021, 1:00-2:30 (MST). Virtual
May 7, 2021, 2:45-5:00 (MST). Virtual

With Lisa Ladendorf, LCSW

Enhancing Motivation for Change and Providing Cessation Support for People Who Use Tobacco

Learning Objectives:

  • Name three common reasons that motivate people to be interested in stopping tobacco use.
  • Identify what stage of change a person is in at any given point of time in relation to their tobacco use, and be able to identify, based on their conversations, where they are on the Motivational Hill of Change.
  • Implement the 5A tool with a patient in order to make a plan for tobacco cessation support.
  • Understand the evidence-based role of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) in tobacco cessation.
  • Create a patient centered behavioral support plan for tobacco cessation. Implement and revise the behavioral health support plan with the client throughout their cessation process.
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