Donnie Varnell

Donnie is presently an investigator with the Dare County Sheriff’s Office, where he also sits on several state level committees combating prescription and opioid drug abuse, and presenting content involved with these matters. Donnie continues to work with law enforcement agencies and policy makers in promoting and enacting harm reduction based programs such as syringe exchange programs and pre-arrest diversion concepts.

Donnie was the director of the NCHRC’s Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) Program and also served as the NCHRC’s Policing Coordinator where he was heavily involved in the Naloxone Program for Law Enforcement and First Responders. He also assisted with developing, and implementing harm reduction legislation. Presently Donnie presents and advises at the state, local and national level on issues dealing with the opioid crisis.

Donnie is a retired Special Agent In-Charge for the NC SBI Diversion and Environmental Crimes Unit (DECU) where he developed policy, conducted and supervised investigations dealing with prescription narcotics and environmental violations

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