Raoul Rolfes, MS, MBA

Raoul is the Director of IT Operations and Support at C-WHO, where he manages the organization’s IT needs & online properties. He has been in IT for over 10 years, having managed phone number porting for a leading Unified Communications (UC) provider, XMedius (a division of OpenText); provided IT solutions and support at Liberty Mutual Insurance; and worked with the Niantic group (then a division within Google) on the augmented reality game, Ingress. Prior to working in IT, Raoul had 15 years of sales experience for industries as varied as software to wine to luxury leather goods. He has an MS in IT and an MBA from the University of Maryland, a Graduate Certificate in International Affairs from Texas A&M University, and completed his BA in Social Sciences at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

raoulrolfes@c-who.orgRaoul Rolfes, MS, MBA