The Idaho Integrated Behavioral Health Network (IIBHN) is focused on systems transformation to increase access and improve the quality of behavioral health services in Idaho. IIBHN is the vehicle to drive change and the conference is the tool to develop professional learning collaboratives to enhance and support the growth of Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) programs through peer to peer support, advancing clinical education, facilitating statewide training opportunities and developing a cadre of technical experts for sustainability.

Our Vision

The Idaho Integrated Behavioral Health Network (IIBHN) was established with a common vision to develop a learning collaborative and to create a community of sharing and giving.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create local networks of Integrated Behavioral Health Providers across the state of Idaho that facilitate sharing of best practices, promotion of integrated behavioral health, and are connected to a larger state guiding body that supports this vital healthcare role through technical assistance (TA) and advocacy.

Our Goals

The IIBHN was created to achieve four primary goals:

Goal 1: Education
We aim to provide education on different integration models regarding value, implementation, best practices, and resources.

Goal 2: Professional Networking
We aim to facilitate opportunities for local and statewide professional network development among integrated behavioral health professionals (IBHP) and administrators.

Goal 3: Standardization
Our aim is to identify a common readiness tool and promote the utilization of the NCQA guidelines for integrated behavioral health.

Goal 4: Recognition
Our aim is to position the IIBHN as a key policy, advocacy, and technical assistance resource in the state of Idaho.

Our Leadership and Structure

The IIBHN Organizational structure is comprised of the following subgroups:

Executive Committee
The IIBHN Executive Committee represents multiple organizations from across the state of Idaho who are committed to the success of IIBHN goals.

Core Leadership
The Core Leadership group is responsible for establishing action plans for upcoming IIBHN activities. The Core Leadership group also approves changes to action plan items, approves completion of action plan items, and is responsible for final decisions.

Steering Committee
The Steering Committee is responsible for setting the agenda, ensuring group cohesion, and providing overall guidance to the Network.

The Subcommittee is responsible for managing membership, participation, and statewide collaborative planning. The Subcommittee also manages the IIBHN Annual Conference.

Working Groups
Working Groups are developed to focus on action items based on the IIBHN key performance areas.

Anthony LeonAbout IIBHN
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