Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization, Inc. (C-WHO) is a 501(c)(3) private non-profit, serving rural and other vulnerable populations, dedicated to improving the conditions for health among all communities. Our diverse team of thought leaders, content experts, project managers, data scientists, clinicians, and information technology specialists offer an array of services to help your organization not just survive but thrive in the ever-changing health and healthcare space.

Our Mission

We forge partnerships in pursuit of health equity to identify and optimize opportunities that improve outcomes and create sustainable systems.

Our Vision

To be a force that inspires and creates radically innovative solutions across the health continuum.

Our Team Includes

  • Administrators

    Healthcare administrators and public health professionals

  • Statisticians and Researchers

    Doctorate level technical experts, statisticians, and healthcare economists

  • Technology Specialists

    Web designers, software developers, and information technologists

  • Healthcare Providers

    Primary care MDs, Psychiatrists

Our Work Serves

Communities we work with:

  • Mental Health
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • Opioid Use Disorders
  • Rural
  • Primary Care

We are always looking to expand our partnership with under served and under-represented communities.

Our Accomplishments

Clinics Served
Grant Dollars Awarded
Lives Touched

Corporate Citizenship

Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization (C-WHO) adheres to internal policies and practices of corporate and professional code of ethics and code of conduct. Also, each consultant will follow their professional code of ethics. However, being a good “corporate citizen” also means to give back to the communities we work with trying to meet the Triple Bottom Line of people, planet and profit. C-WHO services are geared to target the vulnerable population and is committed to buying and using socially responsible products certified for no animal abuse, fair trade and LEED but also to buying locally grown or made products to support the local economy.

Social Responsibility and Activity: Social ventures or social entrepreneurship are extremely important and C-WHO’s goal is to foster locally grown and sustainable workforce to perpetuate local economic growth minimize “brain drain” of their professional workforce larger or international corporations. To align with this philosophy, C-WHO will commit to having 5 slots a year to provide free mentorship for upcoming local professionals and 4 free training conferences a year.

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