Together We Can End the Suicide
Epidemic And the Abuse of Opioids

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You can help end the suicide epidemic and the rise in abuse of opioids in rural America. Together we’ll provide residents with easily accessible mental healthcare and utilize preventative measures and better treatment options for those suffering from opioid use disorder. We will also provide resources, training, and support to healthcare teams in rural communities.

The suicide rate in rural America is 25% more
than in urban areas.

Access to mental health is a significant problem in rural areas.

With a charitable donation today, you can help us increase the presence of behavioral health specialists in rural America.

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Overdose deaths, involving opioids, have increased almost six times since 1999.

In rural areas there is a significant shortage of psychiatrists, pain management specialists, and other addiction services providers.

With a charitable donation today, you can help us Increase prevention, education, and training for primary care health teams in rural America.

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Want to learn more about what Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Does for rural communities?

Donations made to Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization during Giving Tuesday will be used to fund operational costs that have a direct impact on suicide prevention and opioid use disorder treatmentsĀ  in rural parts of the United States.

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