Integrated Behavioral Health

Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization (C-WHO) increased awareness and implementation of integrated behavioral health, especially in rural areas that have a shortage of mental health professionals. Through healthcare partnerships and federally/privately funded grants, C-WHO has implemented state-wide initiatives for integration of behavioral health in primary care, suicide prevention, community resiliency, and compassion fatigue.


Integrated Behavioral Health Facts

  • As many as 40% of all patients seen in primary care settings have a mental illness

  • 80% of patients with behavioral health concerns present in ED or primary care clinics

  • 68% of adults with mental disorders have co-morbid chronic health disorders

  • Up to 45% of individuals that die by suicide have visited primary care within a month of their death


Our Strategic Objective

We strive to increase implantation of Integrated Behavioral Health because it:

  • Increase access to behavioral health care

  • Improve health outcomes for patients with mental illness

  • Improve compliance with treatment recommendations, exercise, and diet

  • Improve patient experience

  • Reduce overall health care costs

  • Reduce care team and physician burnout


Current Projects

C-WHO has helped numerous networks and clinics develop and implement clinical integration:

PacificSource IBH

Develops technical assistance for rural primary care to develop integrated behavioral health.


Telehealth Parity Network for Independent Mental Health Practitioners


The Rural Integrated Behavioral Health Hub Network’s goal is to build three IBH regional hubs that serve rural primary care clinics.


Idaho Integrated Behavioral Health Network creates a network of Integrated Behavioral Health providers that share resources and promote integrated behavioral health.

Family Health Services

Development of Tele-behavioral Health Consultant workforce.


Arkansas Behavioral Health Integrated Network meets the challenges of integrating healthcare by building relationships, sharing resources, and providing education and trainings.


Primary Care Behavioral Health Innovation Center improves primary care by transforming, optimizing, and promoting quality integrated behavioral healthcare


Project Outcomes

  • Delivered over 60 suicide prevention trainings in Idaho, Wyoming, and Arkansas in 2020

  • Hosted 4 years of Integrated Behavioral health Conferences for practitioners and clinicians

  • Enhanced behavioral heath integration programs in over 60 clinics

  • Developed multiple statewide networks to promote behavioral health integration in primary care

“Great job [On the IIBHN conference]! Your team really managed things well, and this was the best conference yet. My main complaint is having too many good presentations to attend at the same time. So, it’s great that the videos will be on the website.”

-Patty Gibson MD (IIBHN speaker and attendee)

Anthony LeonIntegrated Behavioral Health
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