Mental Health Community Response

Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization (C-WHO) aims to enhance prevention, treatment and management of opioid use disorders (OUDs). We strive to increase access to care and prevention resources, improve patient knowledge of the dangers of opioid use following surgeries, and enhancing provider confidence in using non-opioid surgical options and managing and treating OUD patients.


Mental Health Facts

  • The USA is less than 5% of the world’s population but consumes almost 90% of the world’s opioids

  • Annually over 670,000 patients will develop Opioid Use Disorder or addiction from a prescription following a surgery

  • Nearly 80% of heroin users reported misusing prescription opioids prior to heroin


Our Strategic Objective

We strive to:

  • Enhance prevention, treatment, and management of OUDs

  • Increase local resources for OUD management

  • Provide patient and physician education

  • Reduce opioid related overdoses, support harm reduction strategies


Current Project

PacificSource CHEMS, funded by PacificSource, provides focused training to EMS and other first response agencies on Suicide Intervention, Mental Health, and Community Based responses.  Training is delivered by highly skilled trainers, who have also worked in first responder settings and focuses on providing end users with skills they can use as soon as they leave the training.


Project Outcomes

  • Delivered over 60 suicide prevention trainings in Idaho, Wyoming, and Arkansas

  • Enhanced mental heath integration programs in over 60 clinics

  • Developed multiple statewide networks to promote behavioral health integration in primary care

Anthony LeonMental Health Community Response
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