David Bauman, PsyD

David Bauman, PsyD is a licensed psychologist and principal member of Beachy Bauman Consulting. Dr. Bauman regularly consults with health systems around the globe regarding the integration of behavioral health into primary care, as well as helping providers and systems provide contextual and compassionate healthcare. He also serves as the Behavioral Health Education Director at Community Health of Central Washington, where he oversees a variety of behavioral health training programs (i.e., predoctoral psychology internship, post-doctoral psychology fellowship, and psychosocial medicine curriculum within the family medicine residency). He currently serves as the Region Training Director of the National Psychology Training Consortium (NPTC)-Cascades Region psychology internship. Lastly, Dr. Bauman works as a Behavioral Health Consultant at Central Washington Family Medicine.

Anthony LeonDavid Bauman, PsyD
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