Dhuha L. Ali, MD

Before resettling in the United States, Dhuha was a practicing physician in Iraq. And despite being a pediatrician, the war forced her to train and practice in other specialties, including: Emergency medicine, trauma and burns, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedic, and general surgery. This experience expanded her abilities in medicine and knowledge of different clinical protocols and workflows. It also polished many of her skills such as decision-making, strategic thinking, creativity and flexibility, process improvement, risk assessment, effective feedback and communication, and the ability to mentor others. Her refined skills enabled her to manage the many positions she held in Jordan after moving to that country in 2006. In the Jordanian kingdom, Dhuha worked as a medical director for Al- Rounaq primary and urgent care center, a consultant physician in Hiba obstetric and pediatric hospital, and a practicing physician in the emergency department of Philadelphia hospital. In 2009 Dhuha and her family arrived in Idaho, where she continued to follow her passion in serving her community, especially the underserved population. She started volunteering at the resettlement agencies and performing as a clinical interpreter, medical translator, clinical case manager, and navigator to help connect Idahoans with the care and resources they need while working as a lead clinical research coordinator at Saint Luke’s health system. She also serves as vice-chair of the Intermountain fair housing council board. In addition, she has cofounded the GT-DOCS, a non-profit organization helping international medical physicians get back to practice in the United States. The organization’s success got recognized by the White House as the “Champion of Change” in 2015. Dhuha also received the local community hero award in 2020 and the COVID relief citizen award for the same year

Anthony LeonDhuha L. Ali, MD
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