Jason Haugen

Jason Haugen is the Chairman of the Board of C-WHO and President and CEO Pinnacle Integrated Medicine (PIM). Jason Haugen founded Pinnacle Integrated Medicine in 2015, and is currently the President and CEO as well as the Chairman of the Board. Pinnacle is a physician-led Clinically Integrated Network and one of the first registered Benefit Corporations in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. Jason’s background includes work as a certified valuation analyst; he has extensive experience with strategic planning, new product development, healthcare management, employee development, human resources, compensation issues and corporate legal matters. Jason has worked closely with physicians and clinics across the Pacific Northwest and Alaska since 2010 with success in leading audit and consulting teams in one of the 5 largest CPA firms, successfully developing and acquiring new product lines across a large Fortune 50 public company in addition to securing successful venture funding for start-up companies.

Anthony LeonJason Haugen
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