Jeff Reiter, PhD, ABPP

Jeff Reiter, PhD, ABPP, is an internationally recognized expert in the integration of behavioral health into primary care. Since 2002, he has worked in integrated care as a clinician, administrator, trainer, and consultant in the community health, commercial and government healthcare sectors. He has helped hundreds of primary care systems, clinics and individuals in their integration efforts, both throughout the U.S. and internationally; publishes and speaks regularly on the topic of integration; and is on the faculty of Arizona State University’s integrated care training program. Dr. Reiter has received numerous awards and advised many organizations through Board and advisory committee membership. He also co-authored (with Patricia Robinson, PhD) two of the leading “how-to” books on integrated care.

Anthony LeonJeff Reiter, PhD, ABPP

Patricia J. Robinson, PhD

Patricia J. Robinson, PhD, of Mountainview Consulting Group, is widely regarded as a master clinician specializing in primary care behavioral health. She trains internationally and provides technical assistance to health care systems moving toward full integration of behavioral health services. She is the author of 55 publications, including many articles in peer reviewed journals, book chapters, and books such as Basics of Behavior Change in Primary Care (2020), Behavioral Consultation and Primary Care, 2nd (2016), and Real Behavior Change in Primary Care (2010).

Anthony LeonPatricia J. Robinson, PhD

Amy Walters, PhD – Clinical IBH Consultant

Amy Walters, PhD

Amy Walters, PhD is a clinical health psychologist and a consultant with Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization. For more than a decade she has served as the director of behavioral health services for an integrated behavioral health diabetes program. Dr. Walters provides professional presentations and training in behavioral health integration, Motivational Interviewing, behavioral supports of diabetes and psychological factors impacting chronic disease.  She has completed consultation and trainings for a number of state and national organizations including the American Psychological Association, Dialysis Patient Citizens, Idaho State University community paramedics program, Idaho Primary Care Association, Idaho Dietetics Association, Idaho Diabetes Alliance, Idaho WIC program,  Idaho Perinatal Project and many others.

Dr. Walters received her Ph.D. from Utah State University and has over 20 years of experience working in clinical and community settings with adult and pediatric populations. She received post-doctoral training in Motivational Interviewing (with founder Bill Miller, PhD) and in PCBH integration model (with founders Patti Robinson, PhD and Kirk Strosahl, PhD).  She is a long-standing board member of the Idaho Psychological Association, the APA Public Education Campaign Coordinator for Idaho and was a founding member of the Idaho Integrated Behavioral Health Network.  Dr. Walters volunteers as the staff psychologist for Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs (Camp Hodia) and has a daughter with type 1 diabetes.  She is a native Idahoan and is passionate about creating behavioral health support for patients with chronic disease, especially in the state’s rural areas. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, and backpacking.

Anthony LeonAmy Walters, PhD – Clinical IBH Consultant

Jen Yturriondobeitia, MSW, DBH

Jen Yturriondobeitia, MSW, DBH

Jennifer is the President and CEO of Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization and provides operational expertise to primary and specialty care practices throughout the State of Idaho interested in implementing integrated behavioral health programs. Her work allows providers to manage the behavioral health population and helps the patient achieve the best health and quality of life possible by preventing chronic disease, stabilizing current chronic conditions, and preventing acceleration to higher risk with higher healthcare costs.

Anthony LeonJen Yturriondobeitia, MSW, DBH
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