Gender and Sexual Health Resources for Individuals and Family

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HIV Testing

PrEP Me Idaho

  • Learn how you can prevent HIV and take the necessary steps to protect yourself and others.

Rural HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment Toolkit

  • This toolkit compiles evidence-based and promising models and resources to support organizations implementing HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs in rural communities across the United States.

HIV Treatment


  • The AIDS Education and Training Center (AETC) National Coordinating Resource Center (NCRC) coordinates and promotes cross-regional and national AETC Program resources and services.

HIV/AIDS Guidlines

  • Expert advice on preventing and treating HIV, from initiating treatment to managing advanced disease.

National HIV Curriculum

  • The National HIV Curriculum is an AIDS Education and Training Center Program led by the University of Washington.

Utilizing Social Media to Increase Community Engagement in Rural Areas

  • Social media strategies for community engagement in rural areas in the planning, development, and implementation of HIV care and treatment services and a description of how social media has improved community engagement in rural areas and identify available resources to develop and implement social media strategies.

Gender Affirming Care

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