Burnout and Stress for Healthcare Professionals

Our lives look vastly different than they did two years ago. We have lost friends, family, and neighbors to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have experienced severe social and economic disruptions. Yet we have also learned a lot about what it means to take care of ourselves, to make space for small acts of joy, and dream of how we can do better.  

Healthcare professionals know this better than anyone. You have been on the frontlines of some of the most challenging circumstances of generations. You see patients everyday experiencing symptoms of stress and burnout. You know the very real consequences of stress on the body. And yet it is so often the caregivers who struggle the most with setting boundaries, reducing stress and burnout, and developing plans for wellness. You do this work with your patients, let us help you do it for yourself.  

Here at C-WHO we have partnered with Master’s level trained clinicians that will help you identify your stressors. Together, you will create a plan to reduce stress and burnout so that you can look forward to a better future. Our consultations are not therapy. We are not here to diagnose mental illness. And we are not a crisis line. But we are 100% confidential – we’ll never share information with your employer – and you can speak to one of our clinicians over Zoom. 

Burnout is different from stress. We often characterize stress as being over-engaged, reacting with urgency, anxiety-inducing, and taking a physical toll on the body. Burnout creates symptoms of confusion, apathy, depression, and is emotionally draining. Burnout is not going to get better with a week-long vacation or catching up on sleep over the weekend. It requires sustained and consistent habits of mindfulness, boundary setting, and support.  

Mental and emotional health does not happen overnight. It takes practice. And let’s be honest, practice does not make perfect, but it can make things better. We will work with you to develop plans for building resilience, finding tips and tricks to re-center yourself when things feel like they are overwhelming, and make sure that you are equipped for wherever your career takes you.  

Here at C-WHO we work to inspire and create radically innovative solutions across the health spectrum. We could not do the work we do without healthcare professionals like you. Let us help. Call 208-812-4999 to schedule your virtual consultation today. Not a healthcare professional? Our virtual consultations are for you too!

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Linda CardwellBurnout and Stress for Healthcare Professionals
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