So You Have Your MAT Waiver, Now What?

Description: Virtual presentation by Neil Ragan.

Author(s): Neil Ragan, MD

Title: So you have your MAT waiver, now what?

Resource Type: Webinar

Format: Video

Length: 70 minutes


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Anthony LeonSo You Have Your MAT Waiver, Now What?

Opioids and Benzodiazepine Tapers

Description: Virtual presentation by Tyler Hemsley, PharmD., and Shelby Lancaster, PharmD.


Author(s): Tyler Hemsley, PharmD, and Shelby Lancaster, PharmD.

Title: Opioids and Benzopiazepine Tapers

Resource Type: Webinar

Format: Video

Length: 42 minutes


Sponsored by: I-ROPPES

Keywords and Concepts:

Anthony LeonOpioids and Benzodiazepine Tapers
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