Dhuha L. Ali, MD

Before resettling in the United States, Dhuha was a practicing physician in Iraq. And despite being a pediatrician, the war forced her to train and practice in other specialties, including: Emergency medicine, trauma and burns, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedic, and general surgery. This experience expanded her abilities in medicine and knowledge of different clinical protocols and workflows. It also polished many of her skills such as decision-making, strategic thinking, creativity and flexibility, process improvement, risk assessment, effective feedback and communication, and the ability to mentor others. Her refined skills enabled her to manage the many positions she held in Jordan after moving to that country in 2006. In the Jordanian kingdom, Dhuha worked as a medical director for Al- Rounaq primary and urgent care center, a consultant physician in Hiba obstetric and pediatric hospital, and a practicing physician in the emergency department of Philadelphia hospital. In 2009 Dhuha and her family arrived in Idaho, where she continued to follow her passion in serving her community, especially the underserved population. She started volunteering at the resettlement agencies and performing as a clinical interpreter, medical translator, clinical case manager, and navigator to help connect Idahoans with the care and resources they need while working as a lead clinical research coordinator at Saint Luke’s health system. She also serves as vice-chair of the Intermountain fair housing council board. In addition, she has cofounded the GT-DOCS, a non-profit organization helping international medical physicians get back to practice in the United States. The organization’s success got recognized by the White House as the “Champion of Change” in 2015. Dhuha also received the local community hero award in 2020 and the COVID relief citizen award for the same year

Anthony LeonDhuha L. Ali, MD

Sandra Shelton

Sandra Shelton, MED has over thirty years of experience as a Behavioral Health Administrator for communities in Oregon and Idaho. Her experience includes clinical work, program development and leadership in this industry. She continues her professional mission with service to our geriatric population as the Executive Director of an Area Agency on Aging in Eastern Oregon.

Anthony LeonSandra Shelton

Jennifer Clark, MS

Jennifer Clark, MS

Ms. Clark has more than 15 years of experience in healthcare operations and delivering technology solutions to customers. Before joining Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization as an independent contractor, she was at athenahealth managing client relationships, advising client leadership on the management and integration solutions for interoperability roadmaps, business development, and new client Healthcare IT (HIT) strategies. She is currently the Director of Technology Services at Arete Provider Network, where she is responsible for defining Arete’s technology strategy and vision and guaranteeing alignment and execution of the strategy across all service lines in the organization.

Seen as a respected leader by both her colleagues and clients, Ms. Clark, takes an unparalleled customer-focused approach to her role, ensuring clients’ technology needs are met and exceed the expectations of healthcare providers and their teams.  Ms. Clark is the conduit between business and technology, ensuring the most efficient operations and techniques are applied and adopted. A great strategic leader who is never losing focus on the strategic vision of the companies she works with and alongside.

Jennifer earned a Master of Science in project management from Northeastern University and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from DeVry.

Anthony LeonJennifer Clark, MS

Suzanne McKinney, MS

Ms. Lowmann is a healthcare management professional with experience in psychiatric hospitals, home health, hospice, skilled nursing, home infusion pharmacy, and physician practices. Additionally, Suzanne is the parent of a young adult who’s navigated all levels of Idaho’s crisis and behavioral health system.

Anthony LeonSuzanne McKinney, MS

Keith Davis, MD

Dr. Davis is the owner and director of Shoshone Family Medical Center in Shoshone, Idaho. Dr. Davis loves being a family physician and strives to offer high-quality health care. He believes that the future of health care matches high-tech tools with individual needs. He recognizes that the current health care system is broken and must be fixed. The increased use of family physicians and a medical home will increase quality of care and patient satisfaction. He believes that greater use of family physicians will also lower costs for health care as a nation.

IIBHN 2020 Presentation(s):

Managing the OUD Population from Physician to Physician
with David Hadlock, MD

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve understanding of the evidence-based practice for the OUD population prescribed and designer medications.
  • Improve understanding of the opioid use disorder (OUD) prescribed medications and synthetic drugs.
  • Demonstrate understanding through case presentation and consultation.
Anthony LeonKeith Davis, MD

Jason Haugen

Jason Haugen is the Chairman of the Board of C-WHO and President and CEO Pinnacle Integrated Medicine (PIM). Jason Haugen founded Pinnacle Integrated Medicine in 2015, and is currently the President and CEO as well as the Chairman of the Board. Pinnacle is a physician-led Clinically Integrated Network and one of the first registered Benefit Corporations in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. Jason’s background includes work as a certified valuation analyst; he has extensive experience with strategic planning, new product development, healthcare management, employee development, human resources, compensation issues and corporate legal matters. Jason has worked closely with physicians and clinics across the Pacific Northwest and Alaska since 2010 with success in leading audit and consulting teams in one of the 5 largest CPA firms, successfully developing and acquiring new product lines across a large Fortune 50 public company in addition to securing successful venture funding for start-up companies.

Anthony LeonJason Haugen

Jen Yturriondobeitia, MSW, DBH

Jen Yturriondobeitia, MSW, DBH

Jennifer is the President and CEO of Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization and provides operational expertise to primary and specialty care practices throughout the State of Idaho interested in implementing integrated behavioral health programs. Her work allows providers to manage the behavioral health population and helps the patient achieve the best health and quality of life possible by preventing chronic disease, stabilizing current chronic conditions, and preventing acceleration to higher risk with higher healthcare costs.

Anthony LeonJen Yturriondobeitia, MSW, DBH
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